A Levels Past Papers – (All In One) – 2001-2014

Along with notes, Past Papers are essential for exam preparation. But it is difficult to open websites and access individual papers.

If you want to download all the A Level Past Papers of the previous 13 years you can do that now with the following links:

Maths: https://mega.co.nz/#!UZ1yQaxB!aYqmxYwyMFgR5OVT0DlLxXbg-ilMpiAMie8B09Rj5Ys

Physics: https://mega.co.nz/#!hEUEAJoK!Mnkl9b7-bGzbRVzEM4nsufgtzbxB-85FQmFLfVNaQLU

Password For ZIP Files: sharedbytalhamuneer


To Open The Archive Use This Software:

Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!oV82WD6K!j–s27ISAzh1oVO32U0kD7hjai8IqGtVyNeTSKBUL9w

Credits: Talha Muneer



Biology: Download

Chemistry: Download

A Levels Past Papers – (All In One) – 2001-2014
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38 replies
    LOKII NATHAN says:

    Am one of the student who needs to excel in chemistry subject
    pleases may your drop me some of recent past papers of chemistry

  2. Rachel Tan
    Rachel Tan says:

    Please add the following files for May June 2016 9093 English Language P11, P12 and P31 as soon as possible. Thanks.

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hi, can you please include which past paper you took the questions from in the topical questions because it’s hard to find the mark schemes to check if the answers are correct. thanks!

  4. Andrew Chew
    Andrew Chew says:

    Hi thanks a lot for your contributions. Can you please update again the A Level Bio and Chem past year papers? I couldn’t access your dropbox link you had given at the reply site.Thank you a lot and appreciate it.

  5. Peter D Rozario
    Peter D Rozario says:

    Could you provide AS Economics and Accounting ones too?
    Would be very helpful as the exams are very close.


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